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June 30, 2017

Perfect for those cold wintery nights ahead!

Serves: 4


3 cups reduced-salt vegetable stock

2 onions, finely chopped

3 cups pumpkin chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

2 teaspoons corriander seeds

2 teaspoons cumin

1 teaspoon chilli

1/2 kg carrots, peeled, chopped

2 stalks celery, finely chopped

400g cooked lentils

Fresh parsley and almonds, to serve

Wholegrain bread to serve


1)   Add 1/4 cup stock to a large saucepan. Cook garlic and onions, until soft.

2)   Add cumin, corriander, chilli, pumpkin, carrots and celery and a little more stock, if needed. Cook 10-15 minutes.

3)   Add remaining stock, lentils and 2 cups water. Bring to the boil and simmer 15-20 minutes until soft.

4)   Place soup in a blender and blend until smooth yet slightly chunky. Place soup into bowls. Top with almonds and parsley. Serve with wholegrain bread.

June 8, 2017


1 cup raw cashew nuts

½ cup parmesan cheese grated

1 lemon

2 cloves garlic

2 cups fresh basil

½ cup extra virgin olive oil


  1. In a food processor add cashews, basil, juice of ½ the lemon, garlic and olive oil

  2. Roughly process until combined yet still slightly chunky

  3. Serve with fresh lemon slices with vegetable sticks and wholegrain crackers

April 5, 2017

Easter is commonly a time when we are overloaded with enough chocolate and hot cross buns to last a whole year.  So rather than giving someone more chocolate to add to their already overflowing stash of fat and sugar why not aim to start some healthier habits amongst your family or social groups.  Our Dietitian Katie Harris from Shape Nutrition has come up with some healthier alternatives for Easter gifts below;

Healthy treats

Why not make some healthier alternatives such as chocolate or yoghurt dipped fruit or Low fat carrot cake muffins.  Try mini carrots with a homemade low fat hummus or carrot dip.  What about some boiled eggs with painted shells? 

Herbal tea

Why not spoil someone with a cute little teapot and some special herbal tea such as an apple and cinnamon flavour or a chocolate chai tea.  Way less fat sugar and calories to be consumed!

Gift voucher for a health food store

Why not spoil that special someone with a voucher to a health food store where they can s...

December 16, 2016

Choosing to indulge over the silly season?  Before you overdo the treats over the Christmas and New Year period think twice about how much exercise you may need to do to burn off those additional calories.  To help you work out a sensible exercise plan and maintain your weight we have put together a list of some common Christmas treats the exercise required to burn them off.

Remember to treat yourself but try to find a balance by having smaller portions, aim to eat healthy choices for most meals and increase your exercise levels. But most of all have a safe and Happy Christmas.

 If you are having difficulties maintaining or loosing weight, book an appointment with one of our Accredited Practicing Dietitians to get a personalised meal plan suited to your needs.  Phone (07) 5539 9032 to make an appointment.

*Exercise duration and intensity is based on a 70kg person.  Calories burnt will vary depending on weight, gender and fitness level.

August 20, 2016

Whether your children are starting back at school, you are beginning the University year or you are just looking for some great ideas for your work lunch box then these hints should come in handy when packing for the day.

Low GI carbohydrates are essential during the day to ensure energy levels remain stable.  Low GI carbohydrates include fruits such as apples and stone fruit, wholegrain crackers such as ‘Ryvita’ or ‘Vitawheat’ or brown rice, wholemeal pasta, wholegrain bread or sweet potato.

Make sure you include some high quality protein to ensure that you or your child stays full during the day.  For example lean chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, low fat cottage cheese or greek yoghurt. 

Aim to always include at least 2-3 serves of vegetables during the day this will assist in meeting fibre and nutrient requirements as well as assisting in preventing the common ‘hunger pangs’ and ‘energy slumps’ that tend to occur during the afternoon period.

A good snack contains between 100-150 calori...

July 12, 2015

Great for an on the run snack!


4 x ripe bananas mashed

120g rolled oats

2 tspn cinnamon

60g apple sauce


Stir ingredients

Place on a baking tray on baking paper in small bite sized pieces

Bake for 15 minutes or until golden at 150⁰C

Cool on a wire tray

*option to add 2 scoops of protein powder or 2 tbspns almond butter to the recipe for a protein boost.  This would make it a great post run snack

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Choosing to indulge over the silly season?

December 16, 2016

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