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Healthy lunch box tips

Whether your children are starting back at school, you are beginning the University year or you are just looking for some great ideas for your work lunch box then these hints should come in handy when packing for the day.

Low GI carbohydrates are essential during the day to ensure energy levels remain stable. Low GI carbohydrates include fruits such as apples and stone fruit, wholegrain crackers such as ‘Ryvita’ or ‘Vitawheat’ or brown rice, wholemeal pasta, wholegrain bread or sweet potato.

Make sure you include some high quality protein to ensure that you or your child stays full during the day. For example lean chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, low fat cottage cheese or greek yoghurt.

Aim to always include at least 2-3 serves of vegetables during the day this will assist in meeting fibre and nutrient requirements as well as assisting in preventing the common ‘hunger pangs’ and ‘energy slumps’ that tend to occur during the afternoon period.

A good snack contains between 100-150 calories, whereas some packaged snacks can contain up to 300 calories alone. Some examples of healthy snacks to pack include;

  • Veggies ie: celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, carrot sticks, green beans - pair these with some low fat dip ie: low fat hummus, tzatziki or tomato salsa for added flavour

  • Small tub of yoghurt with chopped fruit

  • 1 x Brown rice sushi roll

  • Crackers and low fat cheese

  • Cobbs or Sunbites popcorn packs

  • Uncle Toby’s bodywise or trail bar muesli bars

  • A boiled egg

  • Corn thins topped with avocado or peanut butter

  • 40g raw nuts with 2 dried apricots

  • Homemade mini quiches or mini pizza slices

To find out more specific nutritional needs for your child or for yourself, book in to see one of our Accredited Practicing Dietitians today.

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